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Life Without Mobile Phones and Computers

Indispensable parts of our lives are mobile phones and computers. It seems that we cannot live a single day without them. We use phones rigorously in our everyday life and cannot even think of a single day without the device. Moreover, we are so absorbed in mobile phones that it has become a habit to perhaps look for AT&T cell phone plans even before our Internet or voice data has expired. This has probably happened because we might have a fear of missing out. The story is the same for using computers.

These gadgets can be considered as one of our basic needs. Also, it might be the apps and services we use on these devices that make life much easier rather than the gadgets themselves. Thanks to companies like Expedition Co. ( and several other application development firms like them that makes this look so simple and straightforward. However, can we imagine our lives without mobile phones or computers? To take a better look, below are descriptions of what the world would look like without mobile phones or computers.

More Helping Tools Will Be Needed

Mobile phones and computers are composed of helping tools in their program-tools like an alarm clock, flashlight, camera, and timer. Having just one handy device like smartphones is a better space saver than those devices mentioned above.

Besides the space-saving, they will cost much more than a single phone. Imagine buying these tools one by one and not forgetting the amount of money that you will have to spend. Thus, computers and mobile phones are space savers, handy, and cheaper than each device.

Even a GPS tracker installed on our devices greatly helps when we are traveling. Language translation is made possible without formal education because of some apps. Because of that we can understand and speak in good speeches when traveling abroad. We need not bring a dictionary, GPS, and even a currency converter. The devices greatly help us if we want to do foreign travels.

Another helping tool is document programs like word, spreadsheets, and tools that help our presentations. The need for presentations that will provide an exciting display is a must in every meeting or conference. This is to catch the attention of our viewers and for them to visualize our ideas. Life will go back to the old ways of where board meetings will need lots of papers to read.

Mobile Entertainment Is Lost

There are game applications that can be downloaded in the play store or app store. So, even when we are commuting to our home, we can watch videos, listen to music, and play games. If mobile phones and computers are lost, we will be back to the same pattern of entertainment form.

To hear music, we will need a radio or attend concerts in a stadium. To watch a video, we need to be at home watching on our TV. Mobile games will be dead. Games will be back to board games and outdoor games like soccer, basketball, etc.

Communication Is Lessened

The world has become smaller because of social media. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others, allow us to check our relatives or friends living miles away from us.

Even without an internet connection, with smartphones, we can call or text using our sim cards. These devices allow us to communicate faster than the speed of light. They are helping us to build and maintain relationships regardless of distance.

Without computers and smartphones, communication will go back to the letter-writing type. It will take weeks or months to get a reply from our friends or relatives from far-flung areas. Though landlines may work, however, not all places are suitable for such communication. It will affect the relationships of others, especially if contact is lost or hindered.

Economy Will Collapse

The information and technology industry has made a lot of progress in our economic state. Countries that have much development with technology are more economically stable than countries that are behind. A lot of companies offer work through computers. Without computers to use, there will be a big change in the mechanisms of work. Work will go back to manual labor.

Technology offers mass production with products of good quality. Most often, with factories, machines were run by computers. Without computers to use, people will tend to work more hours to cope with the quantity needed. It will need more manual power, which means more workers to pay.


Smartphones and computers will significantly affect our lifestyle, industry, and economy. Telecommunication companies will go broke and, undoubtedly, will close. With that, more people will be unemployed, decreasing the economic state. Our lifestyle will evolve to what we can never imagine. From having space-friendly bags, we will have bags loaded with lots of tools.

Our industry will decrease its progress. Innovations will stop because the internet will not work without computers and smartphones. Indeed, computers and smartphones can now be considered as one of the basic needs of this generation.