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The essence of Technology to Human Beings

We all know that the essence of technology to human beings is immeasurable. Technology has played a significant role in the lives of everyone. We used to apply technology in our daily living. For me, without the presence of this technology, the world might be in chaos, and my life might also be boring.

Years after, technology plays an essential presence in the identity of human nature. Based on research, people shaped themselves by utilizing technology tools and artifacts.

The people have shaped and evolved before because of virtue and the use of technical tools and artifacts. But, as we compare it to our modern time, we opt to use the new versions. In this version, everything is achievable.

For instance, we use computers to write reports. We have online education for us to inform ourselves, which people can see this by looking into resources like And we can adapt all these new devices for our mental growth and knowledge. That’s why technology has continued evolving from time to time.

How can it help us?

These technologies became available for us to enable us to manage our daily lives. We share valuable information with our families, friends, and others.

Here are some of the circumstances on how it helps us:

  1. Utilizing technology, we solve our problems in the easiest way possible. For example, if you have your own fleet management business, leveraging software like Lytx ( can help with a lot of areas like operational costs and efficiency, vehicle maintenance and utilization, driver safety and compliance, route planning, and a lot more!

So, technology will come in not only in business but also in any other field.

  1. Technology helps the pointless world to adapt to a dynamic one. It shows that technology’s invention changes people when together. It also promotes the development and use of information exchange.

One of the objectives is to make the task easier and solve the vast problems of humankind. Technological solutions such as annotated data may be a large benefit in making tasks easier and possibly helping the visualization of data and information.

  1. It can help us to survive. Imagine the world without technology, even though there was a chance it might cost us our job. It is how technology has progressed that has made our lives more convenient.

What is the essence of technology to the human being?

The essence of technology is not only something we make; it is a particular or revealing method. It shows that all technological things have that element of discovery.

It also endures and connects among parts and wholes. It has its own way of how it presents itself and in the place in which they apply and belong.

What is the essence of modern technology?

The essence of technology is to see it as our natural resource for everyday business. There are powerful machines to help us turn everything into more productive ones. There are further applications like edge computing architecture, which allows data generated by IoT devices to be analyzed closer to its source.

We considered them as consumable and disposable resources. Added to this, many of us have a greater chance to use the new devices every time new versions have come out.

Nonetheless, even our olds today became addicted to these modern technologies.

The Pros and Cons of technology


  • It can save time and effort
  • A better tool for communication
  • Efficient and convenient tool for education
  • More job opportunities
  • It improves the efficiency of all fields of business
  • Make people productive
  • A powerful tool to learn and to teach
  • Makes people grow


  • Data privacy and security issues
  • Inadvertently provides a platform for terrorism and cybercrimes
  • Work overload
  • There is the possibility to manipulate the digital media
  • Job insecurity
  • Health issues
  • Sexual harassment
  • Cyberbullying


Technology is the best tool to help entire people. It determines how we can interact with one another from time to time. It might have some positive and negative effects on our lives, but we admit that it changes the way our lives look.

Furthermore, technological advancements are widespread in our era. These advancements are like our cell phones, computer, and the internet. But we should think that there is always a downside to it all.

Through these advancements, our way of surviving life has become less complex. Thus, it shapes the course of human activities today.