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Microsoft 11: What We Know

Microsoft’s new operating system, named Windows 11, which is set to launch later this year, is expected to be a huge step forward for the tech giant.

This week Microsoft unveiled its latest version of Windows, and it’s called Windows 11. While the new OS is a step forward for Microsoft, the biggest question mark hangs over its privacy features. We’re several months away from the launch, and the feature list is still sketchy, but there are some important things we already know.

The privacy features Microsoft is touting center around what it calls “trustworthy computing.” It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot, but what it means is that Microsoft wants its users to have the assurance that the OS is more secure than before.

Key Features of Microsoft 11 To Watch Out For

Microsoft has shown off the hardware of its next-generation Windows operating system, and it looks pretty stellar. Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 is not only good; it is great. With features like Timeline, the Edge browser, and more, Windows 11 is already one of the best operating systems you can find.

Microsoft 11 is going to offer a new, slicker-looking interface. It’ll be an evolution of the current Modern UI that’s found in Windows 10 and the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Still, it’ll also have some enticing new features, like a new Action Center and more customization options. We didn’t get to see the interface at all. Still, it sounds as though Microsoft 11 is going to offer a more personalized look (you’ll be able to customize the Start menu and Action Center), plus more visual customization options and a reworked navigation pane.

With the new Windows 11, Microsoft plans to make the docking and redocking experience on Windows easier to use. This will be achieved by making apps easier to re-arrange and manage, as well as by simplifying the process of moving between them.

As expected, Microsoft 11 will also include the option to sideload apps from the Amazon App Store, something that is also supported by Amazon’s Android apps. The way this works is by side-loading apps via the Store, just like any other app you download through the Play Store. What’s great is that these apps will be automatically updated, just like they do on a regular Android device.

With The Arrival of Microsoft 11, Does It Mean the End for Windows 10?

We knew it was coming, and now the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is here. It’s called Windows 11, and it can be branded as the next new thing from Microsoft: an operating system that integrates all the others. Actually, Microsoft has made a mess of things, so this new version is a kind of rebranding.

The Windows 10 name will stay, but Microsoft 11 is a new operating system that looks like Windows 10, but is more efficient, better integrated, and more secure. It’s a completely new way of thinking about an operating system, and it will be the foundation on which Microsoft’s future operating systems will be built.

What Are the Other Big Features That We Can Expect from Microsoft 11?

A lot of people are excited about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 11. While we know a bit about the new features, the new way of doing things, and the all-new interface, there are a lot of things we don’t know. While we wait for the official announcement, we’re going to dig through the rumors, especially the other notable features that are expected to give.

Some of the other significant features it offers include a fresh new look for Microsoft Store, various typing options, and detailed Widgets. If you are on a Surface tablet, Microsoft 11 offers the one-handed option. Also, we may no longer see or be hearing the “blue screen of death.” Why? Well, Microsoft decided to have it black instead.


Microsoft was the first major software company to announce its plans to upgrade and update its operating systems for the year, and the company will be a big player in the new version of Windows.

Microsoft has been very quiet about what they will be announcing at their BUILD conference, but it’s still a big deal for Windows fans. We are expecting new features, a redesigned start menu, a new version of Cortana (maybe on a Lumia), and more. If you are headed to San Francisco to hear Microsoft speak, keep your ears peeled for news.

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