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Impact of Technology and Social Media

  • March 20, 2021January 19, 2021

In the times we live in, I find it very impractical to live comfortably without social media. Social sites and applications have become a significant part of our lives. One of the main reasons we use social media is to stay in touch, network, pass time, and with the current pandemic situation, we have found ourselves turning the platform into a medium to sell and buy goods. Social media is a new technology that has not been fully embraced by some segments of society, which has led to controversies. However, I project that the social sites and applications will continually improve and grow with time, with businesses tapping into the necessary resources, that can be found at various places like, that can help them grow on these platforms in a positive way.

Technology advancement is changing the way we live. It’s now possible to accomplish more tasks than before, and this has dramatically increased productivity and minimized the efforts required. Technology pushes for constant change and improvement, and I would be lying if I said that social media has not been affected. Social media and technology seem to be influencing each other. In this article, I will discuss how social media has been impacted by technology.

Connection between Social Media Expansion And Mobile Technology

Doing my research, I found out that before Facebook, there was a social site called Six Degrees. One was able to create an account and send a request to other users. At that time, interactive computer-aided technology that facilitated communication was viewed as a passing cloud. However, this was quickly changed and made international through the introduction of mobile technology. Introduction of mobile phones that were initially meant for cellular communication significantly contributed to social media expansion and growth.

When mobile phones were introduced, their core function was making calls. Currently, the phones we have today can perform almost everything a computer can. Mobile phones brought about a significant impact on social sites and applications. Only a quarter of the total social media users access these apps using desktops. Many users, especially the younger generation, spend a considerable chunk of their lives on their mobile devices. The reason being that they are easy to use and easily accessible. Many employers evaluate their potential employees using their social media profiles and online activities by just checking them through their mobile devices.

The Future And Social Media Technology

There is a very close relationship when it comes to technology and social media. It’s, therefore, no surprise to learn that social media can impact technology in a way. Social media sites and applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and the latest Signal are greatly influencing the development of technology. Programmers are now able to make improvements and share the responsibilities of the software.

Social media sites and applications significantly impact business technology. Videos, templates, and other tools can be used to connect with people. What needs to be considered is the frequency with which the content on social media platforms is updated. For instance, looking at continuous improvement templates could be of interest and might help a business attract potential customers to the social media platform. This is a very great thing. Taking advantage of social media and its huge audience can play an important role in business success. There are businesses, online and offline, that strive under social media marketing. New software companies like HeyOrca have emerged to support this new marketing strategy through their social media scheduling tool and other applications. With this, online marketers can now plan and post their client’s content effortlessly. Since our generation has extensively been exposed to technology from a tender age; therefore, utilizing social media sites is very normal and natural. I don’t need to use much effort and resources to convince my team members to share our ideas and interact with a WhatsApp group. This goes with certainty that social media contributions will definitely and significantly contribute to advancement in technology.

Availability of the Human-Friendly Aspect

Technology emergence necessitates the human-friendly aspect. It’s imperative to have several automated actions, but this makes me worry about human interaction, which is getting less and less each passing day. The human-made systems could sometimes be imperfect and faulty, which is why we should support and push for the introduction of the human aspect.

We are seeing more communication-related software being launched in every waking moment. Interactions on social media have become very important. When it comes to business, organizations are embracing social media to get in touch with their employees and clients. In the past year, when we experienced lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I witnessed many companies closing their doors, and most people were forced to work remotely.

This saw social websites such as Zoom grow in popularity as they were used for meetings and situations that needed face to face communications. When I analyze the human-friendly aspect, I see that it has become straightforward to convey information. For example, in companies, they just set reminders on Facebook or WhatsApp groups. In these ways, the management will be assured that every member will receive the information being relayed.