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How Does Automation Technology Work at Home?

  • May 9, 2021April 15, 2021

Technology extensively brought a drastic change to people’s lifestyles. A great transition from the traditional way of living into a modernized one is noticeable. Things we thought fictional and unrealistic turn into reality.

Living in an automated home is one of them. We’ve probably seen these kinds of houses in sci-fi movies in the past but look at it now. In reality, lots of people are living in one.

Although still new, home automation did steal the attention in the field of technology development. Its outstanding features and how it transforms one home to the next level contribute to a massive leap in technology applications.

Deciding to convert your home into an automated one requires plenty of things. It demands your mental and financial readiness. Here, you will obtain specific information for your home’s next-level transformation.

What Can I Automate at Home?

We can automate almost everything in our home. It just depends on what devices are selected.

To achieve the automated home that we desire is not impossible with the proper preparation and mindset.

Anything that uses electricity to work can be automated. We need to decide on the functional outcomes and choose the best systems that match them. Below are some of the household devices that you can automate:

  • House lights. These are some of the primary devices that require to be automated first. Motion sensors can be used to switch on the lights whenever someone enters the room. These are ideal to be installed in staircases and hallways.
  • Having blinds (maybe from any of the leading UK supplier of blinds), that can automatically close and open depending on the season relieves the stress of sudden change in the weather. Sensors are used to make these possible. They can detect temperature changes and automatically open your blinds during summer and close during winter.
  • Door locks. Automated door locks save you from the effort of using a key to unlock the door. With just your smartphone being detected by the sensors, the doors, and gate of your garage automatically open whenever you arrive at home. Additionally, if your front gate has a cellular access control it adds an extra level of protection for your home as most come with a digital display to show who is actually at your front gate. Connecting one device to another is also possible, triggering them to work even if you just activated one.

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  • Heating and Cooling Devices. Automation also allows for programming your heater or air conditioner to turn on and off automatically at a specific period and temperature, provided that it is fully working. If it’s not, it’s easy to find a company like Mac-Vik for ac service to get it up and running again. That way, the sensors can detect whether someone is using the room or not and know whether or not to turn it on, pretty neat.
  • Security cameras. Installing security cameras at home helps keep your home monitored at all times. But what if you’re not home? Connecting security cameras to your phone solves this problem. So even if you’re outside, you can still monitor everything that happens in your home.
  • Music players. When you are in your relaxing mode and suddenly want to listen to music, you don’t have to plug the speakers and turn them Automated music players let you enjoy listening to your favorite songs without moving off your spot.

What should I do Before I List Down the Household Devices I Want to Automate?

Do a deep brainstorming. Try to imagine the kind of automated home that you want. You can ask yourself which of these areas are most interesting to you:

  • Convenience: Which household devices will make my life more convenient and comfortable?
  • Control: What kind of controllers best work for me? Voice commands or the use of software applications?
  • Which of the automated household security devices is the most appropriate for my home? Smart security cameras, smoke detectors, or water leak detectors?
  • Which household devices are best for home entertainment?

Why is there a need to figure out the things you want to automate?

Preparing a list of the household devices that we want to automate let us experience the following benefits:

  • The list serves as a blueprint. It provides an idea of the result.
  • Select the preferred household devices.
  • Can calculate the cost and match your budget with it.
  • Can visualize the possible outcome of the automated home.
  • Can prepare extra money for additional expenses required for installation.


Begin with the end in mind. Think carefully about what you want from an automated home. Acquiring an honest analysis of our needs will save time, effort, and budget.

Selecting household devices that we want to automate beforehand gives us endless benefits. It allows us to gain a clear view of the automated home we want to achieve