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How Can You Make Videos More Interactive to Sell Products?

  • May 31, 2021June 1, 2021

There is no doubt that interactive videos on websites sell products. They engage online buyers and have them return to a website time and time again. The interactive images that accompany interactive videos allow customers to decide how much they want to know about a product. Contained within the interactive video will be enough information for a buyer to make an informed decision.

So, just how can you make a video more interactive? The answer is by hiring a reputable Video Production company or by using specialist software that can be purchased to create the video. With this in mind, we shall explore just what an interactive video contains.

Additional Links

Interactive videos will contain additional links that can be clicked on so that buyers of products will have the option to find out more information about their potential purchase. The reason for having them is so that the viewer is not overloaded with too much information all at once. This is one sure way to put them off continuing to watch the video or wanting to watch the next one. You have to engage someone first to grab their attention, then you can provide them with the opportunity to find out more. That is, to find out enough to decide whether the product is for them.

Additional links can include those to other videos or to textual information about a product where something needs to be explained in more detail and perhaps is better written down for it to be fully understood. Perhaps information that if included from the start would stop the video from being engaging and fun to watch.

Different Actions Possible

With an interactive video, a viewer is allowed to interact with the video content. They can do this using a variety of tools that are made available to them. Users will be able to click, drag, hover, gesture, and perform other digital actions as the video is playing. This will be in the same way that they might interact with web content and social media. With this incorporated and self-contained inside an interactive video, more control is given to the viewer. This means that they have a better experience when viewing the content. This puts them into the buying mood and will have them talking about your website, where the interactive video was featured, with everyone they come into contact with both online and in person. There can be no better promotion for a company than that.

Feedback Forms

Interactive videos can have built into them a means by which customers can leave feedback. This can be about the product or how much they enjoyed the video experience as a way of selling the product. The customer is more likely to leave feedback when it is incorporated into a video because they see it as part of the experience. This information is then invaluable for a company when determining the best way to promote their products and indeed when choosing the types of products to sell in the future because there is a demand for them. With the potential customer seeing the product in action, all its design features can be scrutinized at an early stage in the buying process when a company might not otherwise hear about what is wrong with their product.

An interactive video is all about customer engagement, so we want to know that we have achieved that.

To conclude, we can make videos interactive using software that is available online. This software will allow for links to be added to videos that take the viewer to new places to discover more about a product and its uses. Different actions will be possible when it comes to users getting interactive with the video that is playing. Feedback forms are more likely to be completed when attached to what has been an engaging video. This provides a company with invaluable information about how the interactive video has enhanced their branding and hopefully sold the product to the person watching it.